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India: Prepare yourself. 25.01.2016
London bridge didn't fall down 07.07.2015
All good things must come to an end 07.01.2015
Home coming 11.11.2014
Bananas for Gorillas 26.10.2014
Monkey business 25.10.2014
Got some rains down Africa 23.10.2014
The roof of Africa, climbing Mount Kilamanjaro 21.10.2014
Tanzania and Animal crackers 17.10.2014
Malawi: Green, Red, Black and Brown 30.09.2014
Not all those who wander are lost, but some of them are.... 26.09.2014
Zambia 26.09.2014
Botswana 19.09.2014
The rains are on the way. 12.09.2014
Animal Crackers 10.09.2014
There are no rain out here in Africa... 10.09.2014
Cape Town, my new home? 10.09.2014
My Gold is so big, so strong and so mighty... 29.08.2014
Hashtag travel 28.08.2014
Sunny, pizza-y and Popey 27.08.2014
Camera Obsucra - well not obscured. Just gone. Thanks Italy 25.08.2014
Sail of the century 25.08.2014
Sometimes it takes a good fall to know where you stand. 28.07.2014
7's. That denotes the hours of transport to the event right? 12.05.2014
Hungry? Me too. I apologise for the profanity. 27.01.2014
Brussels sans sprouts. 27.01.2014
I'm dreaming of my first White Christmas... 30.12.2013
Resolutions and revolutions. 19.12.2013
Back to reality 19.07.2013
L-dizzle to its friends. Or just London. 02.07.2013
New things great and small. 04.06.2013
California Dreaming 23.03.2013
Are we all sitting comfortably? Then, lets begin. 21.03.2013
Homeward bound 15.03.2013
50 shades of Grey, with a tinge of Brown 26.02.2013
Bulgaria: No government, no problem. 22.02.2013
Euro-trip! Mi scusi, mi scusi. 16.02.2013
Frogs and neutrality 08.02.2013
On the road again: Part 2 the unemployed adventures. 28.01.2013
Friendship has the word 'end' in it. 14.01.2013
2013's new adventures... 07.01.2013
The Orsum's Tour de France 28.12.2012
Paris c'est la vie, la vie c'est Paris. 22.12.2012
London calling from a faraway town. 15.12.2012
From Russia with gloves.... (and a scarf) 12.12.2012
Turkey for a week 02.12.2012
It's all Greek to me. And it actually was. 26.11.2012
From Tutankhamen to Tooting-car-men. 22.11.2012
Add a little bit of Moroccan spice to your day. 16.11.2012
Europe finally! Language skills tested immediately. 11.11.2012
Washington, NYC and the Sandy the great (or not so great) 05.11.2012
Boston-tastic 30.10.2012
Moosey adventures 27.10.2012
Foux du Fafa. 17.10.2012
Uh uh uh... Baguette 13.10.2012
West to East 11.10.2012
Final Rockies adventure. 24.09.2012
The end is nigh. 20.09.2012
Monsoon June 28.06.2012
The Orsum saga continues. 03.05.2012
A Bridge Over Melted Water 06.04.2012
One Flew Over Lake Louise 11.03.2012
Fear and Loathing in Lake Louise. 13.02.2012
Life in Lake Louise 05.02.2012
Banff, Lake Louise and the Bow Valley District 16.01.2012
From Vancouver to Banff 04.01.2012
Our first cold Christmas 27.12.2011
The Big Island and Vancouver 19.12.2011
Oahu and Maui 12.12.2011
The final countdown... 26.11.2011