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50 shades of Grey, with a tinge of Brown

snow -1 °C

I am dirty. So dirty. And not in a good way. Take your mind out of the gutter boys.

I feel constantly unclean. Iain and I are cooking dinners and cooked breakfast for the customers every day, and anyone who has worked in a kitchen before knows the consistent smell of cooking that permeates into your skin. My hands are beginning to dependably smell of onion, even when I don’t cut them. And unless I wash my hair before bed, I wake up thinking there are French fries on my pillow.

Now in a first world country, if you worked in a commercial kitchen - you would have your dishwasher boy do the dishes in the industrial dishwasher, scrub yourself in the shower after work and chuck your clothes in the washing machine post haste. Over here things work a little differently.

After serving 20 people a three course meal, Iain and I then wash all the dishes by hand. We have three sinks, one that is completely blocked, and two that occasionally decide to drain, with one plug to share. We wash the dishes with this horrible green goo detergent, which peels the skin off your hands, and some sponges that I think you would normally buy in the two dollar store in NZ.

Then after washing all of those, we dry them with tea towels I have never seen washed, and place them back on the tables for the next day…. Mmmm… delicious. The reason I have never seen them washed, is due to the fact we have no washing machine or drier. I know – hashtag first world problems Kayleigh!

Let me just set you straight. I have no problems with hand washing clothes, I have a lot of Icebreaker so I am used to it. However the detergent must have some sort of starch in it, however I can’t read Bulgarian to confirm this. The reason I suspect this is because my ‘clean’ clothes smell like potatoes, not the yum kind with butter and a little cheese. But peeled, boiled and left in the pot for 3 days potatoes.

And if I wasn’t dirty enough at this point, the road outside our house is actually a 4x4 rally track. Not really, but Iain has fun everyday driving the 4 wheel drive like a loon, spinning the back wheels and drifting round the corners. This is because the majority of the road is ankle deep in mud. So when you think you are clean in your potato outfit you go outside and get caked in mud. Only to have to wash yourself in a shower that drains mostly into your bedroom, not the plug hole.

If it was beautiful and sunny or beautiful and snowy the state of cleanliness may be forgotten. But its not. I have begun to wake up and say ‘Oh what a surprise, it’s grey today’. Hence the title 50 shades of grey and brown. But mostly its just one grey, dirty-dishwater-cloudy-sky grey.

Oh no, I’m about to go live in London, what have I signed myself up for.

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