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My last day in Bulgaria. Phewf.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my time here, there is no reason to complain about a place where you get to snowboard every second day, the giant bottles of beer cost about 2Lv (about $1.80 NZD) and feta comes in tubs too heavy to carry with one hand.

But as mentioned in previous blogs, I am looking forward to emptying my whole pack into the washing machine and scrubbing the top layer of skin off.

The formerly greyness however has passed. God obviously does not listen to morning grumbles… he reads blogs. Since writing my last blog, it has been sunny almost every day, the grass is green, and the skies are lovely. Who knew? It was obviously a ploy on making me consider what I was really in Bulgaria for. For those not following, blue sky equals happy Kayleigh, but it also equals no snow… doh!

I have to say one of the thing, I will miss the randomness of Bulgarian life.

The hilarious translation signage.

Borovets is known as the ‘Green Resort’. If you were looking for a new ski hill, would you go with one that indicated its colour was anything less than snowy powdery white? And once you are there, would you get a ski lesson from a company called ‘Snow Fun’? Think about it… sound it out. And after a hard day on the slopes for dinner there is always some ‘Old Man’, or maybe a side of ‘Happy balls’.

The juxtaposition of old and new (or attempt at new).

The options for transport around the resort are horse and carriage or taxi. It is a regular sight to see them jostling for pole position to get your fare.
It is also regular to see hundreds of people going in and out of the stalls at the local market, whilst the ‘Big Mall’ in Samakov has one shop in it, no customers and no reason to go – its refreshing.

The fact that no one will smile or wave at you unless you are doing something they don’t recognise or think is hilarious.

Namely running. This is apparently a novel concept in Bulgaria. Everyone has stern, harsh looks on their face most of the time, until you run past them. Then it’s waves, friendly shouts, they will even yell at their dog to stop it from yapping at your heels. That doesn’t happen when you just walk. What a difference a run makes, it feels like you are part of your own parade!

Anyway alas our time is over here, it is making me feel a little nostalgic just writing this, which is funny, because I can honestly say it is highly improbable that I will ever come back to Bulgaria. Although, never say never.

This afternoon we will be in London, the first time in 2013 that we have been in an English-speaking county. Our itinerary then proceeds as follows for those who want to catch up, or just want to see which part of the country/world they should avoid.

London until the 20th.
LA 20-23rd
Christchurch 25-31
Otorohanga 31 – 4th
Tauranga 4-7 (Nan – this is my checking that we can stay with you….)
Travel down to Wellies
Wellies the week of the 7th
Then back to Auckland for the remainder of the time.
This is all pretty fluid as we don’t have any job, or anything to do apart from catch up, drink wine and maybe do some exercise (it has been a long time since any of that nonsense – note: the aforementioned running only happened twice).

From here we begin the slow journey home, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and am starting to feel the beginnings of deflating. I feel like a balloon that has had to be full, ready for tapping around the room, avoiding popping dangers and being bright, fun and welcoming for the last 18 months, but now the balloon is finally allowed to rest behind the couch, to be forgotten until vacuuming day.

And vacuuming day cannot come soon enough. I am looking forward to Fish and Chips on the beach, my mum’s homemade scones and jam. Talking to people who understand the kiwi sense of humour, and not having to speak like a robot for people to understand.

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